8 October, 2015

The Nature Club’s efforts towards the ‘Bisleri Recycling Drive’ a grand success

-Ms Ashwini Gupte / Ms. Lakshmi Krishna / Ms. Barkha Shah

 The nature club students of Don Bosco High School were delighted as their plastic bottle collection, a drive initiated by Bisleri, ranked the school among the top 10 in Mumbai. The boys collected close to 500 kilos of plastic bottles and handed them over for recycling.The eco-warriors, shaken by reports of the ‘Great Pacific Garbage Patch’ and sensing the need to reduce non-biodegradable plastic waste, eagerly took up the activity and the entire school contributed to the cause. We thank our nature club enthusiasts- Kanishk from X F, Aniruddh and Harshavardhan from X E and Devansh from IX F, for their dedication to the task. The students of Classes VII C, IX E and X E especially deserve a mention for their efforts, as does Reagan Fernandes from VII C, who contributed over 2000 bottles.