July 20, 2016

-Marossa Fernandes and Ms. Vailena D’Souza

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      BIS correspondents of the Mumbai Province assembled together for a two days in-residence media workshop organized by Bosco Information Service (BIS) at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga, Mumbai on the 18th and 19th July , 2016. Mrs. Vailena from the Primary section and Ms. Marossa Fernandes from the Secondary section attended the workshop as representatives of Don Bosco High School, Matunga.

The first day comprised of four sessions. The first session on news writing and interviewing was conducted by Mrs. Karen Laurie, editor of BIS, Province of Mumbai, who expertly provided in-depth guidelines for news writing. She took the trainees through all the steps necessary for successful reporting, like following the inverted pyramid rule and the inclusion of the 5 `w` and one `h`  and instructed them how to avoid the pitfalls of  having too many words or using complicated vocabulary. Miss Lynette, teacher at Don Bosco High School, Borivali stated, “After the session, I now know the kind of reports expected of us.” Next, Fr. Christopher George, in-charge of Jyoti Bhavan Tribal Boys` Hostel, Jhabua, discussed on new media reportage and it’s influence on the masses. The session aimed at making the audience aware on the influence of social media and how it could be used to reach out to a wider audience.

The session on Free and open -source software (FOSS) by Fr. Cleophas Briganza sdb at DBHS Matunga computer lab placed before the correspondents new, cost efficient, secured software that may be accessed and used in place of pirated versions of costly software available in the market. This was followed by the trainees going to Don Bosco College, Kurla, to the Department of Mass Media, where a very interesting session on The Basic Elements of News reporting by Fr. Joseph Braganza awaited them. `Most of us think we can write; Many of us are dead wrong!`was the catch – line with which Fr. Joseph Braganza began his session and went on to reiterate what Ms. Karen taught us earlier in the day, but this time it was with supporting videos and in the super-deluxe comfort of their preview theatre.

The second day began with the Eucharistic Celebration at Don Bosco Shrine (crypt), Matunga at 7 am. The first session of the day was on Photo Journalism conducted by Mr. Sherwin Crasto, Director of Solaris Multimedia Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai. This interactive session aimed at getting the participants know about photo journalism and its elements. `A picture is worth a thousand words;` and how a well shot picture helps convey the desired emotions even to the unlettered, was what ace photo journalist conveyed to the trainees. Through his many award-winning photographs, he very effortlessly taught the trainees how to compose photographs, keeping in mind the colour, background, light, etc, and thus take the perfect shot to enhance and add to their news report. Mr. Eustace Fernandes, Education-in-charge at Bosco Boys, Borivali remarked, “We were taught new ways to make an article lively through pictures; a new dimension to think out of the box.”  This spirited session was followed by a very eye-opening session on `Creating Images For a Better Tomorrow` by Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, the Regional Delegate of Boscom, South Asia.

Later in the afternoon, Mr. Ashley D’mello, former Asst.Editor of The Times of India had an open discussion with the participants in which he answered various queries about media, reporting and journalism by the correspondents. Ideating and brainstorming in groups, about new topics to write on, rather than the same done-to-death, routinely received ones, was the topic for the next session, followed by the actual writing and emailing to Ms. Karen, of a report on the workshop by all the trainees.

The experience of the participants is best reflected in the words of Br. Joyston Machado, Assistant at St. Dominic Savio , Andheri, “The session was informative and enriching. It paved a path towards a transition from a monotonous way of writing to a dynamic one.”