Birthday celebration of Ms. Shoba D’ Souza
-Mrs. Rochelle D’ Souza

A supervisor’s most useful asset is not a head full of knowledge but a heart full of love, an ear ready to listen and a hand always willing to help others. She sees through you and senses when you are disturbed. She leads by example.
Today, the KG section celebrated the birthday of their Supervisor Ms. Shoba Dsouza. It was a well-planned surprise, with ever creative tech savvy Kindergarten teachers ensuring the program was flawless. Glitter added to the celebration when her family joined the online party to make the experience delightful and memorable.
The celebration began with Don Bosco led attributes when Ms. Rytika initiated us into prayer and we all whispered a prayer of blessing over our leader.
The teachers prepared and compiled slides highlighting memories of Ms. Shoba around the school campus and her home. The bouquet and birthday card was presented by our student, Master Zlatan Fernandes on behalf of the KG section.
Our Principal, Rev.Fr. Bernard Fernandes addressed the team and coined a SHE acronym for Ms.Shoba. He emphasized on how wonderful Ms. Shoba is as a human being and her work qualities demonstrate she is a true SALESIAN. He referred to Ms. Shoba being a HOLY person and was a regular member at the Holy Eucharist from where she derived the strength to lead by EXAMPLE.
Next were the much awaited cake-cutting celebrations with Management, staff and her family members. Our little champ Etzel DSylva on behalf of all the KG section boys wished our dear supervisor. This was followed by the KG Teachers wishing her personally while the slides were being displayed. This was a commendable digital experience with a personal touch.
Amidst all the wishes, we had our enthusiastic Vice Principal Sir Cliffrichard Dsouza who then wished Ms. Shoba and spoke about her hard work and dedication. He stressed on the challenges of animating the KG department and the manner in which Ms.Shoba handles them. Our Kg teacher, Ms. Tasneem composed and recited a classic Shayari for the birthday girl.
In our midst was a pleasant surprise! Our Rector, Rev Fr. Crispino D’Souza addressing from his hospital bed was so happy to speak about his childhood friend. He spoke about the deep rooted value system of Ms.Shoba’s parents and how the fabric of that spiritual family was woven into his life. He spoke of how her family had a positive influence on him.
The birthday girl was humbled by the gesture of family and friends coming together to wish her during this unprecedented pandemic. Ms. Shoba loved the online celebrations and thanked everyone for the wonderful surprises. Her husband Mr. Savio Dsouza thanked the management and teachers for organizing this celebration. They had a good time being a part of this online celebration.
The day ended with KG teacher, Ms.Quency proposing the vote of Thanks and the curtain rolled down on the celebrations…

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