16 October, 2018

Beyond Blood Relation
-Ms. Barkha Shah

On 13th October, class VIII A presented their assembly titled BEYOND BLOOD RELATION reflecting the school’s theme for the year, ‘My Neighbour, my responsibility’. The assembly started with a meditation conducted by Ms. Lakshmi dwelling on the importance of life God has blessed us with.
The story of the assembly revolved around the life of Aryan Gupta having a rare blood group AB-ve and his socialite rich mother. The mother who is popular for her social work and speeches was against the idea of sending her son to donate his rare blood to a pregnant woman in need. Instead, she sends him to enjoy with his friends in the discotheque when he meets with the accident while traveling in the car. Aryan, who once wanted to donate blood was himself in need of it. This incident finally dawned upon Mrs. Gupta that her primary responsibility as a human being was to help someone in need. In the hospital, she encountered a poor man who donated his blood to save her son’s life. Moved by the donor’s generous and humane gesture Mrs Gupta was now a changed person ready to help people in need.
The assembly ended with a strong appeal to all to come forward to donate blood, save lives and be of service to humanity!!

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