Beyond Academics Workshop-Std.1
Be a champ!
-Ms. Richa Singh

The Beyond Academics group comprising of young and enterprising people like to educate the young in their own unique way. They conducted a workshop on values for the students of Std.1 on August 13, 2019.The topic for this workshop was ‘Be A Champ’. The emphasis was on the Six Super Powers which help one to become a Champion in life. The resource persons helped the students to imbibe six important values through various exciting and enriching activities.
The Six Super Powers are:
Confidence-speak in a loud and clear voice while standing in the correct posture.
Kindness-be good and helpful to others.
Friendship-greet everyone with a smile
Focus-use the mind correctly and creatively
Team work-harmonious co-existence with all
Well-groomed-a neat and tidy appearance
The resource persons reached out to the students through activities for each Super Power ensuring that they grasped these easily.
At the end of the workshop the students made a three-dimensional dice for a game of dice to be played at home with their parents.Their parents will rate them on their performance of the Super Power activity by awarding stars. This rating will enable the child to know his strengths and build on his weaknesses to become a champion.

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