14 February, 2020
Beyond Academics Workshop- Fun with Science-Std IV
-Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues

Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art.-Will Durant
Being a scientist is like doing a jigsaw puzzle in a snowstorm at night, with some pieces missing, and with no idea what the finished picture looks like. This is exactly what the enthusiastic team of Beyond Academics in their own creative way conducted a fun learning workshop for the students of Std IV on 11th Feb 2020. Through a brief discussion on the previous year’s activity conducted by the team on discoveries and inventions they moved a step ahead’Fun with Science- Light Colours.’Science encourages children to wonder why, to investigate and find out. The students were enlightened on the importance of light (Physics) its forms of energy -electrical, solar, kinetic…Sun being the biggest source of light. The students were made aware that the fastest thing known to human kind is ‘light.’ Light travels in straight lines or in waves. Using a torch covered with an aluminum foil the students were able to grasp the concept of a single point of light being focused on a wall or any other object. They well understood the difference between natural and artificial sources of light with examples like the sun, stars, fireflies…tube light, bulb….The students were made aware of concepts like transparent, translucent, opaque with a wide range of objects and for concepts like reflection, refraction and absorption an experiment was conducted with a glass, water and pen. This enabled the students to assimilate the new vocabulary as well. The resource persons were quick in answering the queries of the students. The students were explained different concepts-the reflection of light from a mirror, the colours of the rainbow as seen by different individuals and a working of a kaleidoscope. The workshop conducted included a power point presentation, videos and a thought provoking work-sheet which the students enjoyed watching and solving keeping them engrossed and developing a love for the subject.
The highlight of the entire session was when the children created their own ‘Kaleidoscope’ using buttons and then enthusiastically participated in the discussion which helped the teachers to gauge the learning outcomes achieved. The session was brought to a close with the teacher thanking the wonderful Beyond Academic team for their time and effort.
To quote Eshant Nikam of Std IV D “Science is fun all I need is some creativity, a little help from Science and an amazing part of the universe: matter.”

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