7 February, 2018

Beyond Academics – Warli Art

-Ms. Vailena D’Souza

Tribals form an important part of India. Their art and culture add richness and variety to India`s diversity, and hence, as fellow Indians it helps if we strive to learn more about their way of life. Keeping this end in mind, as part of the Beyond Academics learning program, adopted by our ever-progressive school, Std IV chose to learn more about Warli Art.

On 5th February, 2018, the dedicated and energetic team from Beyond Academics came to each class of Std IV with the aim and objective of teaching Warli Art to these students. Using a power-point presentation, the team first explained to the students the names of the different tribes, the history and important aspects of warli art, when and how the tribals practice it, the materials used and modernization of this art form in order to revive and give it a fresh lease of life. Displaying laminated sheets depicting warli paintings, the resource persons painstakingly explained the symbols used and their meaning. The students were then given a sheet of paper and asked to refer to the displayed drawings and draw any scene, using warli art. The students did this with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. Their work was photographed and then displayed on the class notice board.

After the drawing activity in the classroom, the students proceeded to the quadrangle for the next part of the activity. Here, each child was given earthen pots, brushes and bowls of rice paste and instructed to draw on the pots. The children were very excited to handle the pots and draw on them. After the drawing, the students were asked to line up the pots to allow the painting to dry and later, these pots were returned to the children to be taken home.

In this way, the students went home, learning more about our tribals as well as getting firsthand experience of doing warli art.