Beyond Academics-The Wonders of Water!
Ms. Richa Singh

If there is magic in this planet, it is contained in water-Loren Eiseley
Water, as we all know, is the building block of life. Without it, it would be impossible for life to ever come into existence!
To make this concept clearer, the teachers and students of Std I explored this multifaceted natural resource online on 16th January 2021.
The online session began with a discussion about what water really means to the students. The responses received from them made it very clear to us that our young ones are the future water heroes as they came up with practical solutions and ideas to save water.
Further, the students watched a video which explained the different water bodies on Earth. It also informed them about water that is not suitable for consumption and the reasons behind it.
The teachers then explained in detail about the Hydrological Cycle and the continuous movement of water which takes place all over the earth – over, above and under. The teachers conducted an experiment to demonstrate to the students the three states in which water can be found and changed into. They also conducted a fun activity of bubble making which the children enjoyed to the core.
The session ended with a short discussion on the latest technology used in India for water harvesting and a quiz that tested their water sense.

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