28 February, 2019
Beyond Academics-States and Cultures Of India-Std IV
-Mrs. Colleen Azavedo

“Our culture, our traditions, our language are the foundation upon which we build our identity.”
Besides academics and sports, Beyond Academics is given a prominent place at Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga. On February 23,2019, the students of Std IV had a session organized by Beyond Academics and its team. States and Cultures of India was the topic chosen as per the curriculum.
The resource person Ms. Purvi Shah began by having a discussion about our country India and its neighbouring states. Explaining about the rich culture, the children explored the states of Assam and Kerala. They gained information that was supported by a power point presentation and slides. They also conducted two activities.
1.Coaster making with sticks-This activity was done as bamboo and cane are grown on a large scale in Assam.
2.Coffee painting on envelopes-This activity was done as coffee is grown on a large scale in Kerala.
“We should have this Beyond Academics session happening twice or thrice in a year as it is very interesting”, says Sayan Bera of Std IV-D, expressing his views.
The purpose of this activity was achieved as the students understood and gained much knowledge about the other states of our country.

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