16 February, 2016

-Ms. Mural Rebello 

Keeping in mind the all around development of the students, the School encourages a variety of activities. “Beyond Academics” is one of these, and this activity was organized for Std. III on the 13th and 15th of February 2017.

The session was all about managing money, and it included inputs and hands-on activities to describe clearly concepts of spending, saving and sharing. The interaction session, explaining the difference between wants and needs brought about an awareness among the students on judicious and balanced use of money in our lives. The students were given a firsthand experience of the Barter system in class where each child exchanged the things which were provided to them during the activity.  The various group games, discussions, worksheets, narration of stories, video clips about handling money helped the students to build a sense of financial responsibility.

The children were given the opportunity to experiment with their own budgeting methods, making a monthly donation to charity, and saving as much money as possible. Each child was encouraged to find their own method of budgeting that works best for them.

It was good to see the enthusiastic participation of the students in all the games and enjoy the same to the fullest. It was a fun filled and informative session for all concerned.