14 August, 2018
Beyond Academics – Health require healthy food
-Mrs. Pearl Lobo

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
At Don Bosco Primary School Matunga, along with sports and academics there is beyond academics. This scholastic year, Healthy Eating- Healthy Living was the topic chosen for our tiny tots of Std I in the ‘Beyond Academics’ session, keeping in mind that children should be made aware of healthy food at a very tender and young age. This workshop was conducted on the 7th August 2018.
With the help of a power point presentation, the resource person Ms Nikita Shah explained the aims and objectives of healthy food and the causes of illness through junk food. They made the students aware of the momentary pleasures of junk food and the lifelong benefits of eating healthy food. The students prepared a fridge magnet with the help of pulses and a healthy bean sandwich. This activity was a reminder to consume more of it in their daily diet.
The follow up session of this activity was conducted on 14th August 2018. The students were taught to prepare a sandwich which they did with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm. This hands on experience left our little chefs with a feeling of great achievement.
Eating healthy and saying no to junk food is definitely every parents dream.

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