25 February, 2020
Beyond Academics-Fun with Science-Follow-up session for Std IV
Ms. Kashmira Rodrigues

The follow up session on February 18, 2020 which was held for the boys of Std IV was a reinforcement of the topic ‘Fun with Science’ organised by the Beyond Academics Team. To inculcate a love for Science and encourage the students to be young scientists, the students were taken through an activity of making simple toys such as a fountain or a shower at their fingertips with the available resources at hand co-relating the topic from their Prose text book.
The students viewed a video light traveling in a straight line and this was also demonstrated by the teachers in class using a lighted candle, three cardboards of which two of the cardboards had a hole in the center while one cardboard would show the reflected light at a single point. The teachers encouraged the students to try out the experiment at home using three cardboards and a torch and write down their observation and conclusion.
The students enjoyed singing the song ‘A Rainbow Cheer’ and dancing to its tune that helped revise light and colours as seen by individuals at different point of time. This session also helped in revisiting the information which they had learnt as they solved an interesting worksheet consisting of man-made and natural sources of light and the concepts of transparent, translucent, opaque etc. The students also enjoyed the word search activity which encouraged reasoning. The children were eager to answer questions and this helped the teachers to gauge the learning outcomes achieved. The teachers encouraged group discussion to bring about awareness among the students on the topic ‘Light’ and why this source of energy should be conserved and used appropriately.
To quote Subramanian Pillai of Std IV D “I will switch off the fans and light in school and at home when not required”. The students thoroughly enjoyed the follow up session conducted by their class teachers.

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