30 January, 2020
Beyond Academics – All about Mumbai-Follow Up Session Std III
-Ms. Mary Fernandes

Mumbai city is the capital of Maharashtra. Previously known as Bombay, it is one of the world’s largest and most densely populated areas. Mumbai is a place which is loved and adored by millions of people. The follow up session which was held for the boys of Std III on 27th Jan 2020 was a reinforcement of the topic ‘All About Mumbai’ organized for the students by the Beyond Academics Team. The students viewed a power point presentation and identified the monuments of Mumbai. ‘Happy Mumbai’ was a melodious song with a catchy tune which they enjoyed singing. The video on Mumbai, it’s location and importance in India and a quiz were activities that the kids enjoyed. This session also helped in revising the information which they had learnt about their city Mumbai. The students also enjoyed colouring the worksheets given to them of the various festivals celebrated in their city. The children were eager to answer questions and this helped the teachers to gauge the learning outcomes achieved. It imbibed in them an awareness about how to keep Mumbai Clean.
To quote Ethan D’Souza of Std III C “Mumbai is like my home and I will try my best to keep my city clean and encourage others too in keeping it clean”. The students thoroughly enjoyed the session.

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