8 February, 2018

Best out of Waste

– Ms. Vailena Dsouza

‘Reduce Reuse Recycle’ being the new age mantra, the environmentally – conscientious Don Bosco Primary School, Matunga, decided to inculcate this virtue in our little ones in a fun way. And what better way than having a competition to achieve this end! On 6th February, 2018, Std IV had their Best out of Waste competition. A note to this effect, stating the topic, time limit allotted, material to be brought ,etc, was given to the students well in advance to help them prepare for the competition.

In the classroom, the students diligently created beautiful wall hangings using different materials such as matchsticks, ice-cream sticks, CDs, paper plates, etc. Ten best creations from each class were chosen, judged and the winners were announced amidst an appreciative applause. Competition completed, the students went home with a sense of achievement, having learnt the value of recycling and thus, reducing the amount of waste generated.


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