24 December, 2018
Be your neighbour’s shining star
-Mrs. Perpetual Nazareth

Don Bosco High School Matunga celebrates Christmas in style. Their Christmas Panorama on 18th and 19th December was no exception. The beneficiaries of this year’s Care-n-share Christmas Panorama were the school children in Don Bosco school in Nepal. This is a time when the school generously reaches out to the unfortunate and deserving lot with their sincere efforts in generating funds at the school Christmas mega event.
There were many events to look forward to on the two days of the Christmas Panorama. On day one, we began with the colourful hat parade. Every standard had a theme-snowman, poinsettia, reindeer, Christmas cake, wreath,Santa Claus,…- and every class division with its 10 representatives displayed the theme through an array of well designed and crafted hats. A lot of effort was put in by the students, staff and the parents in the preparation of these hats.
What does it mean to celebrate Christmas around the world? How do these festivities take place in France, Germany, US, Brazil and UK : their folklore, traditions, prayer, dance…The students of Stds.8 to 10 presented Christmas festivities around the world in their unique style.Later the school choir gave a melodious rendition of some traditional Christmas carols
No event is complete without dance. And twirls and sways, there were aplenty! The energetic dancers got the crowd on their feet to jig with glee! Day one of the Christmas Panorama involved Stds. 5, 8 and 10 in the Disco, Zumba, Contemporary, Hip-hop & B-Boying, and Tribute to young actors.On day two the dancers set the stage on fire with their dances viz. jungle dance by Std.5, and folk dance by Std 7; the dancers of Std. 9 ended the dance competition with some breath-taking stunts and steps at the Indo-Western and Rock-n-roll genre.
The second most important event on the first day that the students – especially of Std. 9 look forward to at the Christmas Panorama is the ‘Stylish student of the Year’. This event is for the students of Std. 9 and it is a prelude to the ‘Bosco King’ that happens for the students of Std. 10. An entertaining and gripping competition saw a stylish student emerge for the year followed by two runners-up.
The crowning of the Bosco King on the second day is the highlight of the Christmas Panorama program. Beyond doubt it is the most glamorous event that takes weeks of preparation and practice. The event is for the students of Std X, and after rounds of elimination earlier on, the last 25 made it to the big stage on Day two of the Panorama. Graceful in their formal attire and majestic in their formals, the boys rocked the show!
Congratulations to the winners of the Bosco King event
Bosco King- Mst. Ahmad Kazi
First Runner-up- Mst.Shikhar Parekh
Second Runner-up-Mst. Moin
Stylish Student of the Year-Mst.Gurmehar Singh
First Runner-up-Mst. Ashton Mendonca
Second Runner-up-Mst Craig D’Cruz
The games stalls manned by our own staff and students provide the entertainment and fun for the students at the fair. The variety and interest of the games at the stalls attracted a huge audience.
On Day two, Class 8D presented their assembly depicting how each one of us can be of help to our neighbour and conveyed a message to use technology in a way that could be productive to all.It appealed to one and all to use technology as a medium to connect with loved ones without replacing it for our human relations. It is important for us to help and care for the neglected individuals in our society and make them feel wanted. The class assembly was a well rehearsed and message-charged program by the students under the supervision of their class teacher that reflected the theme on the backdrop, ‘Chase gloom & darkness very far; Be your neighbour’s shining star’. The Rector Rev. Fr. Crispino D’souza after having placed the baby Jesus in the crib delivered a message to the large gathering on the genuine celebration of Christmas.
The school band under their band master was at its rocking best as the band players belted out some feet tapping popular Christmas numbers during the Christmas Panorama programme. The raffle draw (for the Secondary section) was the next highlight of the day’s program.
It was an extravagant entertainment all the way!

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