19 March, 2018

Awareness campaign about the ban on plastic in Maharashtra

-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

The Government and the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai (BMC) have clearly stated their position on the waste disposal and non-biodegradable remains under the Swacch Bharat Mission. In fact, Mr. Ramdas Kadam, the Maharashtra environment minister, has set a target of completely banning plastic carry bags in Maharashtra from Gudhi Padwa, the traditional new year of Marathi Hindus falling in March-April 2018. BMC informed all citizens of Mumbai about the official ban on the use of plastic. The young enthusiasts of the nature club of our school decided to create awareness amongst the community to which they were connected.

On Tuesday, 13th March and on Saturday, 17th March, from 8.15 to 9 am the boys and the organizing teachers were present with banners and posters at the school gate. They connected with pedestrians and passers-by and spoke about the imminent ban and made them aware of the date the ban was to take effect. They further explained on how they as citizens can help reduce the use of these items and described methods to dispose them safely.

Our young crusaders initiated a signature campaign taking signatures of people on the forms of stating their awareness of the ban deadline and the subsequent consequences. In less than an hour, over 2 days, the students collected over 250 signatures. Armed with the forms, the nature club members decided to extend this awareness to their communities at home.

The event was covered by a citizen reporter who published the activity via a video as breaking news flash on YouTube under the title ‘Plastic and Thermacol ban awareness by Donbosco students’ (flashnews.net.in)