6 March, 2020
Award winners at Mani Bhavan competition

The students of Std III and IV won the third place in the One Act Play competition performed at Mani Bhavan in Aug 2019. The awards were declared and given earlier last month. The students enacted a skit that reflected the words of Mahatma Gandhi ‘You must be the change you wish to see in the world’. They were rewarded with a certificate and a token of appreciation. Master Rushaan Marolikar won a special prize for his outstanding performance. The teachers in-charge Mrs. Kashmira Rodrigues and Mrs. Ranjana Bhandare were rewarded with a trophy.

The award winning participants of the one act play are:
Rushaan Marolikar
Athaang Shrikar
Jinang Jhaveri
Darrent Pates
Alvin D’Souza
Om Samgiskar
Burjis Irani
Liam Sequeira
Yohaan Fernandes
Linus Sancheevkumar
In the other events, our award winners were:
Special Prize- Bhajan Singing-Master Rushaan Marolikar
Third prize- English Elocution-RushaanMarolikar
Third prize – English Elocution-Yohaan Panjuani
Special prize – Devotional Song- Guitar player – Master David Cavale

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