5 December, 2016

-Ms. Geetanjali Agiwale

assembly6c-29nov-016 assembly6c-29nov-020

The students of Std. VI C presented their class assembly on the theme: Hardwork with dreams along with dedication leads to success .They conveyed this message through a well enacted skit on the life of the basketball icon Michael Jordan. Michael grew up poor during his childhood days, but he worked hard to earn success. Twenty years on, his name spread to every corner of the world. He became a household name and a basketball legend. It’s a story of hard work and commitment that ought to to inspires us to work hard and learn more to broaden our horizons to achieve our goals and fulfil our dreams.  Don Bosco also chose crude coals from the streets and polished them into bright and shining diamonds. He picked up street urchins and converted them into smart educated lads.  It’s a lesson for each of us to work hard towards our goals and dreams.