Assembly Std 10 E-Presenting the theme for the new scholastic year
-Mrs. Reshma Belgaonkar


The assembly perfectly matched the theme for this academic year JOURNEYING TOGETHER IN JOY AND HOLINESS. The students of Std 10E put up an impactful message of spreading awareness regarding cleanliness and how littering has its effect on the surroundings and the mentality of others. The welcome dance was immensely well coordinated and showed great teamwork. There was a wonderful backdrop set up on the occasion of the assembly as well. Don Bosco always wanted youngsters to lead a holy and happy life and the students of Std 10E, through their skit conveyed this very effectively. Holiness is not about doing great things, but doing simple, ordinary things in the best way one can. At the end of the skit, Fr Elson gave a very accurate example of how sunflowers follow the sun, but on a gloomy day, when there is no sunshine, they turn towards each other to seek energy and life. Our Rector Fr. Crispino D’Souza further went on to emphasize the two words ‘sympathy’ and ’empathy’ and how these are integral to lead a fulfilling and holy life. The efforts of the boys of Std 10E along with their teacher Mrs. Reshma was well appreciated by Fr Bernard and the message conveyed through the assembly made every student and teacher reflect upon its thoughts.
There was the prize distribution ceremony held after the assembly. The students (of Stds VIII and IX) who performed well in academics in 2018-19 were awarded their scholarships and certificates. It was a reward for their excellence in studies and all round performances.  The writers of our SSC students (who receive this benefit on account of their learning disabled certification) were acknowledged for their sacrifice and availability at the March 2019 Board examination. A couple of NCC students too were awarded for their meritorious achievement at the NCC camp held during the vacation.

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