6 September, 2017

-Ms. Ruchika Bafna

Art attack day was held on 21st and 22nd Of August 2017. Students of class 1 to 4 were part of the event. The students were enthusiastic and keen to learn various techniques in art. They were shown videos related to different techniques specific to their age groups. The children were then instructed to exhibit what was taught.

The objective of this activity was to help the students develop a perspective of the creation of art and thus fashion basic designs. The following activities (and their related designs) were carried out in each of the classes:

Std 1-Thumb Impressions (Creating miniatures animals)

Std 2- Blow Painting (Creating patterns on paper e.g. balloon)

Std 3-Sponge Painting (Creating sponge patterns e.g. bushes of a tree)

Std 4-Shading using oil Pastels (Monochrome Shading e.g. still life)


A drawing competition was also held during this period where in children expressed their love for art through creative designs on the topic given to them.

The day’s activity helped initiate an inquisitive thought process among students and draw out the artist from within for it is rightly said, “Every Child is an artist!”

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