25 August, 2018
Appreciate and Accelerate the Child’s Creativity!
-Mr. Savio D’Souza

Celebration V – An in-service training programme was conducted for the Primary Physical Education teachers from June 6th to August 10th 2018 by the ABE (Archdiocesan Board of Education), Mumbai. The programme was ably guided by eminent personalities from different walks of life.
The programme empowered every participant as an educator to appreciate and understand the emotions of each child as s/he develops not only during a single academic year but right through the student journey in school. The inputs at the sessions provided us with in-depth knowledge about work culture, development of interpersonal skills, self-assessment and self esteem, focus on leadership and growth towards positive mental health. The program also furnished refreshing insights into the Importance of Child Protection Policy and children with special needs, as well as the Role of Media in Primary education and the significance of the tool of couselling for every educator.
As teachers, it is our endeavour to nurture and care for the students. The unique bonding a teacher and student shares, creates a healthy, happy and trusting environment where the child learns joyfully and grows into a responsible citizen.

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