14 December, 2017

Anti – Litterbug Squad

-Ms. Richa Singh 

Keeping cleanliness as their motto, the students of the Primary and the Kg sections, joined hands with the GreenLine team in observing anti-litter day on 12th Nov 2017. The children of every class undertook the cleanliness drive in school and the area surrounding the school. They brought well prepared banners with slogans spreading the message to keep their surroundings clean. They watched videos and listened to songs which emphasized the importance of cleanliness. Like a squad all geared up for a mission, they wore their gloves and took along their garbage bag to collect the litter from the grounds, corridors, canteen area, etc. They did not miss any opportunity to spread awareness among the co students on the subject. During the breaks they stood with their placards and posters and explained to their younger Kindergarten and grade one fellow students about the need for cleanliness.

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