12 July, 2016
– Ms. Vailena Dsouza
The students of Std IV celebrated, ‘Animals Around Us’ Day on 4th July, 2016, to correlate it with the lesson on Life Cycle of Animals in EVS 1.
Prior to this day, the classrooms were suitably decorated with appropriate and informative charts, and the children were instructed to come along with animal masks as well as five pictures of their favourite animals. The children were educated on the importance of animals in the ecological chain and the number of animals that are on the verge of becoming extinct. They were also sensitized to treat animals with kindness.
The children participated wholeheartedly in the classroom discussion. They stuck pictures of animals on a sheet of paper, wore the animal masks and recited a few lines on their favourite animal. They also spoke on ways of preventing the endangered ¬†species of animals from extinction. The enthusiastic singing of the song, ‘Kindness to Animals’, finally brought this very happy and informative day to an end.