19 February, 2018

Animal Welfare Day

-Ms. Tejal Masmar 

Only if we understand.. .can we care. Only if we care… will we help. Only if we help…. shall they be saved. – Jane Goodall.

The Animal welfare day was celebrated with great enthusiasm in the Primary section. In a bid to make students aware about animals and their importance, the Primary section observed animal welfare day for the students of Standard second in the classroom on 2nd February 2018. Nearly 187 students attended the special celebration which began with a video on the importance and utility of animals. Each class teacher then conducted the following for the children in their classroom – a song, an activity and finally a worksheet.

There was a display of charts in all the classrooms to enhance learning. The teachers also shared interesting facts that caught the attention of the students. As rightly said,” It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal.”