2 July, 2017

Ms. Vailena D’Souza

The students of Std IV celebrated `Animals Around Us` on 1st July, 2017, to correlate it with the lesson on Life Cycle of Animals in EVS 1.

Prior to this day, the classrooms were suitably decorated with appropriate and informative charts, and the children were instructed to bring along animal masks as well as two-three sheets of origami paper.

The children were educated about the different categories of animals, their uses as well as their importance in the ecological chain. They were also informed about the number of animals that are on the verge of extinction and sensitized to treat animals with kindness.

The children participated whole-heartedly in the classroom discussion.  They spoke on ways to help prevent the endangered species of animals from extinction. They wore animal masks and said a few sentences on their favourite animal. They also wrote animal-based idioms and proverbs to help enhance their vocabulary. The children then made different animals with the origami paper that they had brought and stuck their creations in their note books and also did an activity worksheet on animals. The enthusiastic singing of the song, `Kindness to animals`finally brought this very happy and informative day to an end.

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