An informative training on children’s Behavioural Issues
-Ms Arnaaz Nariman

A well-planned and detailed informative programme was conducted by ICTRC Group of Education on behavioural issues, causes, prevention, and remedies on 2nd August 2020 via the Goggle Meet. Our school was represented by the school counsellor, Ms. Arnaaz Nariman.

Though it was an extensive online program, the speakers who were par excellence in their own field, kept the audience engaged. Dr. Ravindra VS, a well-known personality in the field of child behaviour shared from his rich experience gained over the years. He made the sessions simple and relevant for the participants. We viewed each problem and suggested remedies too. He emphasized more on ADHD as a problem behaviour and offered strategies for the same. The other speaker Dr. Keshav gave us a mantra that this behavioural problem is the child’s inability to handle frustration. He urged us to teach children to handle their emotions. He also underlined the need for trained teachers and professionals to deal with such situations. Dr Ravindra answered all queries from participants in detail.
At the end of the session, a feedback form was circulated to improve the quality of future sessions. Each participant was expected to post an essay on this session in the google classroom.
This thought-provoking session added great wisdom and tips to better handle the special needs of children with behavioural issues.

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