30 July, 2016

ClassicalGreekTragedy30July02 ClassicalGreekTragedy30July04

 Sincere thanks to Rev. Fr. Savio Silveira, Director of Don Bosco International School, for giving the students of Don Bosco, Matunga their first taste of classical Greek tragedy, albeit through a modern adaptation. ‘The Pomegranate Workshop’ staged ‘Antigone 2.0’, under the direction of Mr. Gerish Khemani in the D.B.I.S. auditorium. The cast comprised youngsters in the same age group as their audience, immensely helping the students identify with and appreciate their performance.
The impromptu feedback of the Bosco boys amply testified to their curiosity, wonder and effusive praise for the play and its cast.
This novel exposure is aimed at kindling in our students a love for drama and  theatre.