12 October 2017

An encouraging response to “Eco-bricks” Collection

-Ms. Ranjitham Selvaraj


The first Outdoor Workshop for the Green Schools Campaign 2017-2018 called the “Story of a Bottle” was organized by the “GreenLine” organization on 10th Aug, 2017 at Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga. They gave a task to all the schools who attended the workshop of making eco-bricks with the objective of reducing non-degradable waste and to provide proper sanitation facility in slums by using these eco-bricks.

Our school took up this challenging task and created awareness in all the classes right from the pre-primary to the secondary section through PowerPoint presentations and videos. Every student in the school was engaged in making the eco-bricks for over a month and half. Finally with all the efforts we completed the task and prepared 1729 eco-bricks. These were collected by the concerned NGO in collaboration with the GreenLine team on 4th Oct 2017.

We are grateful to each of our students for all the efforts in contributing towards this noble eco-bricks project and our sincere gratitude to all the class teachers and the nature club students for the motivation provided to the students in achieving our goal.

Teachers in-charge of the activity:


  1. Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna
  2. Miss. RanjithamSelvaraj


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