14 February, 2020
An enchanting journey of love, growth and gratitude unfolds at Matunga-Day One of the Thankgiving
-Mrs. Ashwini Gupte

Don Bosco High School, Matunga, celebrated their Annual Thanksgiving on 7th and 8th February, in gratitude for the manifold blessings received through the academic year. As is tradition, the special occasion also served as a platform for felicitating the management and the school’s academic and sports achievers, along with awarding of scholarships to deserving students.
Rev. Fr. Crispino D’Souza, Rector of DBHS and Director of DBIS, was the honoured chief guest for the first day of the Thanksgiving. Fr. Crispino, along with the members of the management, including the Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes, Administrator, Rev. Fr. Elson Baretto, Coordinator, Sir C. Rai, Vice Principal, Mr. Cliffrichard D’Souza, AHM, Mrs. Christina Mascarenhas, Supervisors and Heads, were given an immaculate guard of honour by the school NCC troops.
The talented school brass band set the ball rolling with their enthralling and highly energetic performances, welcoming the audience and getting them into the right mood for celebration, banding with the school band!
The management was felicitated for their vision, execution, dedication and earnest efforts to constantly raise the bar, to continue the journey of Don Bosco and the Salesians who brought glory to the institution. The Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard was given a special word of gratitude for completing silver years in the service of the Lord.
The school report gave an insight into the year’s accomplishments and achievements and gave testament to the adage that Don Bosco, Matunga yet has miles to go, in its journey of accompanying the young.
A first at Matunga was the Primary and Kindergarten section showcasing their own musical-CHANGE, a telling story of how though these youngsters were not responsible for the environmental, social and numerous other ills we face on a global scale today, though they “didn’t start the fire”, they would willingly work to combat the same. The confident cast, melodious singing and synchronised dancing, meaningful performances, all added up to a lovely and thought-provoking musical.
NOAH, the musical put up by the secondary section, was a humongous spectacle, reliving the epic biblical journey of the wrath of God that caused the Great Flood and of Noah, the believer, who built his ark as per his Lord’s precise instructions to save two of each animal, bird and reptile, so as to repopulate the earth. The boys, with their stellar acting, singing and dancing, the amazing animal costumes, the stunning stage set that gradually revealed the ark, the magnificent ‘wave’ that grew to engulf the world- NOAH, the epochal journey encapsulated, will surely remain a most memorable musical.
The journey of gratitude at Matunga grows to ever-greater heights. The entire performance, with a grand total of more than 2000 boys on stage, says it all.

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