24 July, 2020
An emotionally charged first virtual assembly by Class XE
-Mrs. Lakshmi Krishna

Since mid June 2020 Don Bosco High School, Matunga has begun online teaching in earnest and successfully completed several Google Meet and Classroom sessions. With the rich experience of online interactions, the next step was logically to debut an online assembly.
On 22nd July 2020, Students of Std XE and their class teacher-Lakshmi Krishna, conducted the first-ever online assembly since the school began over 7 decades ago.
It was a day of nervous anticipation, not only for the participants of the assembly, but the entire school and its staff.
The assembly was conducted on the Google Meet platform and began like clockwork at 9:15am. It was presided over by the leadership team of the school, Fr. Crispino (Rector), Fr. Bernard (Principal), Mr. Clifford (Vice Principal), Mr. Rai (Co-ordinator), Ms. Cristina (AHM), Ms. Griselda (Head Teacher- Primary), Ms. Reshma (Supervisor) and other staff members.
The 60+ audience recited in unison the school morning prayer for a smooth running of the assembly.
The theme for the year was recounted-Committed citizens rebuilding a fragile world -which also happened to be the central idea for the assembly presentation. The skit depicted a story of kindness which gives hope and reinforces our faith in God-an essential quality that is needed in every human being given today’s delicate world.
The assembly had several highlights, notable ones being, a talk by Dr. Sanjay Oak, a theme song played live by the participants and a heart wrenching slide show.
Dr. Oak spoke eloquently and drew a lovely analogy between the motto of Don Bosco High School Matunga with the theme of the assembly. The motto In Virtute Robur figuratively indicated inner strength which is the need of the hour during this pandemic.
Touched by the students’ stunning performance, Fr. Crispino emphasized the importance of having faith in God, to go within to find inner strength and happiness. He concluded by reminding us about the importance of being with our family.
Fr. Bernard concluded the assembly by appreciating the overall performance and how creativity and talent is within all of us. We just need to reach out within. He found Dr. Oak’s words very powerful which said ‘I will restrain myself for the sake of the community’.
The assembly ended on a touching note for a very emotionally charged audience.

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