7 January, 2017

-Ms. Ashwini Gupte

 The platinum years of Don Bosco High School, Matunga were movingly encapsulated through a journey down memory lane as the school celebrated its Annual Thanksgiving on February 4 and 5 with the musical ‘Don Bosco Lives On’. In gratitude, the customary felicitation of the school’s young achievers, as well as the retiring staff and silver jubilarians were the programmes lined up prior to the musical. Deserving candidates received scholarships and our outgoing Asst. Head Mistress, Mrs. Beatrice Pinto, Head teacher Ms. Winifred Fernandes and Mr. L.B.Vishwakarma were commended for their dedication and selfless service, in the company of staff reaching a significant milestone. The special jubilee event also paid tribute to former Principals, whose foresight and innovative practices have helped the school reach the lofty position it is at today. The Chief Guest, our alumnus and renowned radiologist Dr. Bhavin Jhankaria and guest of honour, Mr. Gene D’Silva, Founder and Secretary, Jeevan Dhara graced the occasion. The proceeds of the school ‘Care and Share’ Christmas Panorama program were presented to Mr. Gene by way of a cheque (Rs. 6 lakhs) towards the needy children and youth of Jeevan Dhara.

The no-frills stage with a simple LED screen appeared a surprising anomaly to all accustomed to the pomp and splendour of the musicals staged at Matunga. Unbeknownst to them, the grandeur of the event would soon be unveiled, through the sublime experience – conceptualized by the Director, Mr. Avit Dias – that was to follow. Former Rectors, Principals, retired and current staff, sports coaches, house help, transport coordinators, even the children’s dabbawalas, all of whom played their part in running this beloved behemoth lovingly shared fond memories, on screen and by speaking live on stage. Generations of alumni, some from the same family- ranging from those who took the cloth to doctors and engineers, from actors to sportsmen and an R.J., from a highly respected minister to our young men yet discovering their footing in life- all spoke of the timeless and enriching love affair with their alma mater that had helped in their formation. They gave thanks to our founder, St. John Bosco, Rev. Fr. Aurelius Maschio and worthy pioneers and to their own teachers. Interspersed with these touching reminiscences, our students sang and danced to the most popular songs from musicals staged in the past, accompanied by our ex-students, the original singers from those very musicals!

Needless to say, moist eyes abounded and our Principal, Rev. Fr. Bernard Fernandes continues to share the accolades he has been receiving- for the concept, its execution and the stellar performances of our boys.

Don Bosco indeed lives on through his marvellous legacy!