13 March, 2017

-Manoj Koli

The class assembly by the students of Std. IX E began with a short meditation session on the topic ‘Giving Gratitude right now in this Moment’ conducted by the class teacher Sir Manoj.

The brilliant BACKDROP painstakingly prepared out of old newspapers and chart papers highlighted the theme of the assembly ‘Adopt an attitude of Gratitude’. It was an appropriate theme keeping in mind that this was the last assembly in the Secondary section of the school for the scholastic year.  The story set against a backdrop of the immense hope and faith in his Father by a child named Jack was inspiring as the MA-NIKETAN Orphanage in Thane provided the reference point to the key dialogues of the script. There is a need for all of us to turn to God in gratitude in times of despair, hope and love. The assembly ended with the boys singing the hymn THANK YOU LORD. In a symbolic gesture, key chains with a ‘Thank you’ printed on it were distributed to every staff member on this occasion.

It was heartening to see maximum participation of the class students in the assembly and the team work was a striking feature.

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