27 August, 2018

Addressing our concerns on displaced people-Blue House
-Marossa Fernandes

The House week celebrations continued on Day two with the Blue house Day on 25th Aug 2018 on the theme ‘Displacement’. The forced and unfortunate movement of people from their homes and country owing to natural calamities, oppression, wars or political scenario is a growing concern for all of us, and this was highlighted at the morning assembly conducted by the members of the Blue house.
The student council member Pranav Jha greeted everyone and introduced the theme for the day. The Blue house captain, Utkarsh, and Ms. Reshma, highlighted, in Marathi, how displacement is a common issue in different parts of India from times immemorial. Ms. Reshma also pointed out that displacement like many other issues has both, a positive as well as a negative aspect, and this was beautifully conveyed through a dialogue by Master Rishikesh and Master Palansh. They threw light on the idea that men unite stronger during a time of crisis, and humanity is reborn; and also that displacement is a blessing at times by way of job opportunities and safety for immigrants.
Ms. Anupama echoed this idea in Hindi when she shared her personal experience of moving to Mumbai. Though her ancestors belong to North India, she feels a part of Mumbai, where she got an opportunity to grow and develop, to learn about and accept other cultures.
Master Sachin Subiah read a meaningful poem that expressed the combined strength and unity of people in the face of challenges, disasters and displacement. The assembly concluded with the song “Yesterday’s dream” by Dona Cruz played over the intercom, and a specially prepared PPT presentation in each classroom.
It is our endeavour that we face problems squarely with optimism and hope so that together we can rise and live together in harmony.

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