30 July, 2016

Dear Parents

Over the last week, the new school Android mobile app has been launched. You may download the same from the Google Playstore. Visit


to download the application on your Android phone and install the same.

Thereafter please REGISTER first. In order to register, use the SMS sent to you by the school. If you have not received the SMS, please contact Mr. Nelson D’Souza for your user ID and telephone number as registered with the school.

ONLY AFTER you have clicked on REGISTER and received the SMS with your password should you LOGIN.

After you login, you will have access to secure area features of your son’s education at our school.

All these steps are provided in the online help manual and reference links. Please view and download the same at:


There is also a link for additional FAQs.

Make sure you have apps like Google Sheets, Google Docs, Google Slides on your Android phone so that you can open attachments sent by the teachers along with homework / circulars. You can download this from the Playstore as well.

If you DO NOT HAVE an Android phone, you can still access all the information via the STUDENT DASHBOARD. To do this look at the bottom/footer of each page on the school website an click on the STUDENT DASHBOARD link. You can use the SAME LOGIN DETAILS on this page also.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we look to include all parents in this transition to the digital platform.