Ad Mad World-Beyond Academics Std.IV
-Ms. Samantha Cardoz

In the words of Marshall McLuhan, “Ads are the cave art of the twentieth century”. In today’s world as we are surrounded by technology on each step. Getting to know about a product or a brand is just a click away. Realizing this fact, Beyond Academics session was conducted for the students of Std. IV on September 15, 2020. The topic for the session was “Ad Mad World”. Indeed! it was an interesting topic for our students.

Advertisements play a major role in creatively presenting the brand/products in the market. It is the best way to communicate to the costumers. As Leo Burnett rightly said, ‘Plan the sale when you plan the ad’. An Ad works wonders to peek the consumer’s interest in the brand/products which in return boosts the sales of the product.

During the Google meet session, the students acquired knowledge about the topic with the help of a funny video of a well-known brand ‘Amul’ and instantly went back to all the wonderful advertisements they could remember. The students went on to learn about different brands, as well as and how these brands make use of advertisements of different platforms in the market. The teachers dispensed the necessary information regarding the different ad agencies and how they work together to create a successful ad.

Students also witnessed an advertisement efficiently created by Ms. Samantha Cardoz, a newly appointed teacher in the Primary Section. This truly intrigued students about how advertisements put forth a variety of offers to build up a way for consumers to buy their products. Students enjoyed watching a video on Cadbury, a well known brand that brings children and adults together and were amazed by the work that happens behind the scenes.

The students enjoyed the craft activity, wherein they prepared a mask using items available at home. Students even created their ads for a mobile phone using their imagination skills innovatively. It was a splendid experience to provide students a peek into the advertisement world. The students were overjoyed to make a mask by themselves and enjoyed the Beyond Academics session conducted for them. Shaurya Waghmare, a student of IV B commented, “In today’s Ad Mad World, we learnt about the advertisements. It was very interesting. I gained knowledge about how these advertisements are designed for us to buy products.”

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