1 March, 2017

-Ms. Alareen, Ms. Colleen, Ms. Christy

On 17th Feb 2017, the students of Std. IV celebrated ‘Eat Healthy to Stay Healthy’ Food day in keeping with the topic on Food in EVS taught in class. The teachers explained to the students the variety, nutrition and value of food and impressed upon them the need to eat healthy food to remain hale and hearty. Students got a chance to share and eat the delicious snacks brought by them on this day. They had fun solving the puzzles in the activity worksheet.

Stds I & II had their Choral Recitation on 28th February, 2017. The poems were selected by the teachers in advance and the boys were trained to recite the poem in unison with expression, diction, voice modulation and intonation. At the recital, the judges allotted marks for the choice of poem, expression and presentation. The high level of the competition drew praise and compliments from the panel of judges and the audience.