19 November, 2018
Activities in the Kg section leading up to the Diwali vacation
Elocution, Singing and Diwali
-Ms. Quency Lobo, Ms. Rytika Pereira and Ms. Tasneem Ansari

It was a packed week full of thrills and learning for the children of the kindergarten.
The Jr.Kg had their elocution competition on 26th October 2018. This was the first time the child had to prepare for a poem of 8-12 lines and recite before the panel of judges, teachers and their classmates. The elimination round was on 22nd and 23rd of October 2018 where many were selected. On the day of the Elocution competition all the participants came well prepared and recited their poems loudly, clearly, confidently and with lot of energy. The winners were handed over the certificates by the judges.
The Sr.Kg.singing competition was held on 31st October 2018. The competition had many children take part and some sang brilliantly. It was our pleasure to have Ms. Silvi Jacques and our very own music master Sir Saby Franco as our judges. The contestants were judged on the basis of choice of song, tune and memory. It was an enjoyable and a fun filled experience for all the children who participated as well as the other children who were present to cheer their friends. Children who excelled in the competition received certificates as a token of appreciation for their efforts.
On 1st of November 2018 the Kg section celebrated Diwali. The celebrations began with parents decorating the classroom with beautiful rangoli and Diwali lantern. The children were excited about the celebrations. At the very start, the teachers explained to the boys the importance of the festival, its manner of celebration and the possible safety precautions to be taken while lighting diyas and crackers. The teachers also organised fun games for the boys for which the winners were given prizes. Lastly they had a dance session with boys. Thus making the Diwali celebrations memorable and an amazing experience for the boys!

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