Don Bosco Evening Study Class

The Don Bosco Evening Study Class caters to the needs of the underprivileged youth of the neighbourhood by means of the various facilities it provides. The boys belong to the socioeconomic backward class and many of them live in the slums of Dharavi, Wadala, Sundernagar and Four Roads. The parents of most of the boys work as domestics, coolies, construction workers, etc…  A large number of the slum youth, attending the neighbourhood municipal schools, lack facilities for regular studies at home.

Realizing their acute need, the Management of Don Bosco Matunga High School has set apart a few classrooms where two hundred boys from Stds. 7th to 10th are able to have two hours of supervised study. The night class is operated under the direct supervision of the Principal. The ex-students collaborate in assisting and guiding the boys. The boys are provided with a proper study atmosphere, are assisted with their homework and coached in English and Mathematics.

The boys lack wholesome recreation, and hence we provide them with these facilities and other extra-curricular activities. Six days a week, these boys play for an hour and are provided with a nourishing and appetizing evening meal.

While our aim is assistance in studies of these boys and their overall development, our objectives can be spelt out as under:

  • To provide assistance to the boys to complete their SSC.
  • To improve their self image, develop talents and impart training towards leadership.
  • To create an integrated method or working with the school, family and other night study class students.
  • To help them build their own future, by providing them a sense of direction in choosing a proper vocation.
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