School Anthem

To our dear old Alma mater
We now pledge our loyalty,
She has seen our tears and laughter
Shared in failure victory
And to live up to her motto
We will go to any length:
And our lives will prove in word and deed
That in virtue there lies strength.


In virtute robur
In virtue lies our strength,
To uphold our motto,
We’ll go to any length,
Then to God and Country,
We’ll give of our best
Striving to win glory,
With sacrifice and zest.

We’ll be loyal to our country
And uphold its glorious name.
We’ll strive to do what’s noble
And will shun what might cause shame.
We’ll be true sons of Don Bosco,
And be his, through thick and thin,
Showing forth the strength of virtue
By our conquest over sin.

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