Principal’s Desk Archive 2

Dear friends,

Fr. Bernard new

It’s the New Year 2016! ‘New’ resonates so much with learning since we acquire something new – knowledge, skills, outlook – every time we learn. And so ‘new’ resonates also with a school, it being a haloed environment for learning. Today in the digital age, novelty pervades our institutions and surroundings. Don Bosco High School, Matunga is no different. In fact, we have  made efforts to embrace this digital world to remain relevant and supportive of our learners.

Very soon – in fact this calendar year – Don Bosco Matunga will celebrate 75 years of its existence. Don Bosco High School Matunga was officially established on 31 Oct 1941. Since then, it has come a long way to emerge as one of the top schools in the city and in the country. This year TOI survey rated it as the top school (State Board) in the city of Mumbai and Education World ranked us 10th in the country among the Day schools for boys. The imposing structure in the heart of the city, the vast playing fields, excellence in sports and academics, diverse co- and extra curricular activities, digital classrooms that provide constant engagement to learners, and a strong and vibrant alumni unit, are but some of the striking features of this prestigious institution.

So what’s new this scholastic year at Don Bosco Matunga? Winning in sports has become a norm here, and the laurels and awards in this field keep coming at regular intervals. Individual students have excelled in art and proved their brilliance in academics. More significantly, our students with the help of the staff have made inroads into a field that never was our forte -research. Though yet in its infancy the enthusiasm and accolades received augur well for the students and the school in this regard. The student council has established itself and has its active role and voice in many a activity at DB Matunga. Design For Change (DFC), a project initiated by the founder of Riverside School, Ahmedabad, Ms. Kiran Sethi, has got our students plunge into the arena of social work and thus address many local problems – noise pollution due to honking, abusive language, saving electricity, care for the environment …

The new year is an opportunity and a challenge for us to take these activities forward and explore new avenues for excellence and relevance. Every day and every moment present a wake up call for change and adaptation to new ways of learning and doing that would permeate throughout the school, our neighbourhoods and our lives.

I once chanced upon a reply to an obituary written for the late Richie Benaud, one of the greatest commentators in cricket. I produce the reply in part here: Benaud understood better than any commentator has before or since that it’s not about what they say. It’s about the pictures doing the talking. His work was like that of an artist painting the most nuanced canvas, or the slowest of slow cooking – yet whenever he did say something, we always learnt something new about this most timeless of sports: which draws audiences in with its endless rhythms and intricacies like no other ever has or ever will.

Each of us has our own picture, our own story to present to others. The depth of the picture and the intensity of our story is ours to manoeuvre. Inspiration to achieve this comes in moments and places when we least expect. May this Diary 2016 accompany us in this journey and help us paint the most beautiful canvas we can, proud of our past yet fearless in embracing the new!

A satisfying journey through 2016!

Gratefully yours,
Fr. Bernard Fernandes