29 July, 2018
A workshop on Discoveries and Inventions
-Mrs. Mural Rebello

At Don Bosco High School, its not just academics and sports, but some beyond academic activities as well. The school is tied up BEYOND ACADEMICS, a fun learning company which believes that a child who is exposed to a multitude of experiences, as opposed to being solely focused on book learning, is the kind of child who grows up to excel socially, emotionally and professionally in a inter-dependent and complex world. This group conducts weekly activities and workhops for our Primary children. One such program was a highly interactive workshop on “Discoveries and Inventions” conducted by the team for the students of grade 3 on 18th July, 2018. Ms. Nikita Shah, the resource person, explained to the students the difference between a discovery and an invention. Later she provided a lot of examples. Electricity, Clock and Camera were the topics discussed during the session. The power point presentation also added a touch of variety and curiosity to the content. Students learnt to make a working model of an electric circuit. The young explorers of grade 3 enjoyed the activity. A small booklet was also provided to the students with the relevant information to supplement their learning.
The follow up session of this activity was conducted on 28th July 2018. Here the students learnt to make a working model of a windmill. Students learnt the scientific method by actually going though the same procedure that scientists use. The activity encouraged the students to delve deep into concepts that arouse their curiosity.

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