19 August,2018
A trek that tests the limits of endurance

Mahuli fort, 2815 feet above, and a trek popular among experienced rock climbers was the destination for the 31 DB Matunga staff members who gathered for their monsoon trek on Friday 17 Aug 2018. The base camp was Asangaon where we assembled after a bus journey close to two hours.
Energized and daring, the group set out on their journey oblivious of the long haul ahead. To reach a peak and experience the joys of the misty hill-tops and lush green nature, the path ahead was a test of endurance, especially for the ones with a weak heart or feeble knees, and lacking in experience of rock climbing. Stops along the hilly terrain were brief for the trek teemed with mosquitoes and insects – they became sparse with every climb. Every momentary stop was welcome for a selfie and photograph. For some it was just the opportunity to absorb with gratitude the bountiful gifts of nature on offer and experience the serene lush green surroundings; while for others it was a much needed break to brace themselves for the climb ahead. Three hours was what it took us to reach the Mahuli caves and just when we sat down for a good and well deserved meal, down came a shower that sent us scampering for the caves with utensils, plates et al. Another feature was added to our growing adventures of the day – this time it was the food served and eaten in the darkness of a cave! With not much time left for the evening shades to surface, we were back on our trek-this time on our way down which was not an easy task given the steep rocky surfaces and the slippery path. Once on ground, some rushed to the stream to cool themselves and wear off the tiredness of the trek while others couldn’t wait to return back to the comforts of the waiting bus.
The adventurous trip done, we were back on our way home with loads of memories of camaraderie, fun and cheer.

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