23 November, 2019
A trail through heaven
-Master Krrish Wasan, IX E

The Green Line organization had arranged a nature trail under the Green schools campaign on the 21st of November, 2019 at Mahim Nature Park. Two students from the Nature Club of Don Bosco High School, Matunga had joined the group of students from other schools.
Mahim Nature park at Dharavi ia a green heaven amidst the concrete city of Mumbai. It was developed by the MMRDA with a helping hand NGO, the ‘World Wildlife Fund’ along with Dr. Salim Ali, an Indian ornithologist and naturalist. This nature park is located at Bandra Sion Link road, exactly opposite to the Dharavi slums. Transformation of a garbage dump to a green forest land, MNP is a beautiful woodland with a small lake, 14 thousand trees, 300 varieties of plants with a few herbs, insects, beautiful butterflies, reptiles, a few mammals and about a lakh of fishes and a variety of migratory birds visiting every year.
The nature park aims at providing the citizens of Mumbai a quick change to relatively green and non polluted area. It also includes educational facilities like an audiovisual hall, exhibition hall, an open air amphi theatre. The nature park is simultaneously engaged in Nature trails and reflecting on the minds of people of Mumbai that one needs to save the environment and the environment will save you.
This trail through the heaven called MNP was indeed refreshing and enriching.

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