26 August, 2018
A Sweet Friendship Refreshes the Soul
-Mrs Selma Gonsalves

Class VI-B inspired the students on a significant topic ‘True meaning of Friendship’ that affects our growth and outlook to life. Caste, religion and language should not create a rift in our lives. Friendship is a pure relationship of the heart.
Mrs. Selma initiated the class assembly with a meditation in Marathi, enabling the students to understand their inner being. The class assembly began with a prayer song Nanhe Hai Nanha sa Dil…The Class through their assembly taught us that friendship can neither be bought or forced on anyone. It is the care and concern we have for others, which helps us to reach out to make meaningful lives.
Fr. Rector while delivering his message congratulated the class on the remarkable assembly. The efforts at practice and preparation were appreciated.

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