14 March, 2020
A Step towards Spreading Joy
-Ms. TejashreeVesvikar

“An effort made for the happiness of others lifts above ourselves,” quoted by Lydia M. Child came true in the Primary Section of Don Bosco High School Matunga on March 11, 2020. A Don Bosco institution works for the marginalized students and ensures that they fit in well with the rest. As in the past years, this year too, the generous Don Bosco Matunga Alumni unit donated shoes to the needy children of the Primary Section. Mrs. Griselda Fernandes, Head Teacher of the Primary section identified the students who would be the beneficiaries of this project with the help of the class teachers.
This noble deed brought a smile on the young innocent faces upon receiving the gift. The students happily carried their present home. This act of kindness added that extra meaning and relevance to the theme for the year ‘Journeying together in Joy and Holiness.’

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