25 August, 2016

– Contributions from Ms. Winifred, Ms. Mural and Std. III students

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Art is a spontaneous way to express oneself. Keeping this in mind Art Attack Day was started in Don Bosco Primary School Matunga to give children a hands on experience with a variety of techniques which seem to have lost their place in the art world.
Simple things like holding a paintbrush and scribbling with a crayon are an important element to developing a child’s fine motor skills too.
On this day children,  depending on  the  age group are taught techniques like spray painting, string painting,  stipling, wax painting, vegetable printing and marble painting to name a few. Techniques of shading an art work are taught to give it  more depth .
This fun filled day is divided into three parts: 1. A drawing competition 2. A colouring technique is taught 3. An activity to use the technique is taught.


Art Attack Day at Don Bosco Primary section gave us a chance to enjoy, learn and have fun. We began with the drawing competition followed by vegetable printing. As instructed by the teacher I had with me slices of onions, bitter gourd and lady finger. I used them to print impressions with colours. I was amazed to see the designs and patterns that started showing up. It was interesting and almost seemed like magic. This day taught me to have an eye for art. I now appreciate the artistic side of things. I was happy to be a part of it and thoroughly the experience.

– Shon Shinde (Std.3)

Art Attack Day was so much fun. We were taught vegetable printing. Slices of different vegetables were dipped into water paints and then printed on the art sheet. It was a new learning experience and all of us, boys enjoyed ourselves and had a lot of fun.

– Siddhant Kumar (Std.3)

Art Attack Day was held on 22nd August,2016. It was a fun filled and colour filled activity day. This was the first time I used water colours and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We were taught to do vegetable printing by dipping  the slices of vegetables into the colours and printing them on the art sheet. All of us  were amazed to see the beautiful designs that came up on the page. We got to learn something new and artistic that day. This activity reminded me of the stamps which my mom uses sometimes for her office work. She dips them in blue ink and dabs it on the paper to get her signature stamped. Lastly I have to mention that I enjoyed watching all my friends faces, all completely messed with colours, including their uniform and same goes for me as well. We all looked like we had come back after playing the festival of Holi. The Art AttackDay gave us some new ideas to use  poster colours and create some artwork.

– Aaditya Kotian (Std. 3)