12 September, 2019
A memorable day to show our teachers how much we care
-Gurmehar Singh, XC and Ethan Dias, XD

A day which was a perfect tribute to all our dear teachers! A special day, with a holy beginning. We started the day by celebrating holy mass in the crypt. Rev. Fr. Rector, Fr. Crispino D’ Souza, in his homily, reminded the teachers to read each situation well, to be patient and caring with their students, to provide a safe and loving atmosphere conducive to learning.

After the mass, the teachers assembled in the staff room. The monitors of each class escorted their respective class teachers and associate teachers to their classes for a unique celebration, after which there was a special program organized by the Student Council, under the guidance of Sir Avit, in the gym. The standard 10 students were the audience for this program. The program commenced with an extremely cute yet impactful performance by the Kindergarten students. The boys, along with their head teacher Ms. Shoba, made us realize that in collaboration with a teacher, students can do wonders! This was followed by another mesmerizing performance by the students of the Primary section trained by the parents, who sang a song dedicated wholeheartedly to teachers. And finally, it was the teachers’ turn! Our topic for this year being Diversity, we portrayed our own Don Bosco family that is an amalgamation of so many cultures from all over India. Going from the north to the south, east and west, all the teachers were called on stage to perform a song or a dance from their regions. The Student Council presented fruits to the teachers as a token of appreciation, symbolizing their regions. The laughter and merriment were ample evidence of the fun and enjoyment!

The members of the management, teachers, and even past teachers of our school, then had their own special bonding session, followed by a sumptuous lunch.

As the backdrop read-North, South, East and West, Don Bosco teachers are indeed the Best! A huge shout out to our teachers, our friends and guides in our formative years!

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