4 October, 2018
A maiden entry in ‘Clash of Pi’ inter-school National Mathematics contest
-Mrs. Vijaylekshmi Nair

Clash of Pi (COP) is India’s most prestigious inter-school online mathematics contest for students of Grades 6 to 10. Hosted by piCirql Math, a Singapore based mathematics education firm, Clash of Pi has attracted India’s best schools to compete and benchmark themselves, giving students the opportunity to assess themselves periodically and to achieve mathematics excellence through competition. This year, piCirql partnered with The Hindu In Schools (THIS-student edition of The Hindu newspaper) to provide the Clash of Pi Contest as a value addition to the subscribing schools of THIS.
Don Bosco Matunga was offered a special privilege to have their students registered in this contest for free. Being the first attempt, 61 of our students gave it their best shot to derive benefit of improving their skills in Mathematics. It was also an opportunity for our students to gauge their level in Maths before national competitors. Though we didn’t get national ranks, there were some outstanding performers identified as ‘power performers’ and ‘rising stars’. There were three power performers-Mohit Sai Boyana (Grade 6), Ethan Naik (Grade 7) and Tanmay Desai (Grade 7). Our six rising stars were-Aman Agrawal and Manatavya Tayal (Grade 6), Aadit Mascarenhas and Rishit Makker (Grade 7), Sachin Subbiah (Grade 8) and Ashutosh Balla (Grade 10).
Congratulations to these our students and we wish them and the other participating students a better learning curve and outstanding performances in the COP contests ahead!