23 July, 2016

– Ms. Daksha Tandel

IMG-20160720-WA0021 IMG-20160720-WA0019

The academic year has begun to gain momentum and the student council has started the year on a high note. A wonderful leadership seminar was organized to enhance the functioning of the student council from within by instilling in them the leadership skills required to take on  the responsibilities of the school. The seminar was ably conducted by Fr. McEnroe.
It began with the council of 35 members introducing themselves. ‘RIVER MEE’ handouts depicting the path of the river with its ups and downs were given to the participant. This taught the students to relate their responsibility and lives to the journey of the river.

During the break the students developed a great bonding with Fr.McEnroe.
In the second session the student council was divided into six groups and a ‘case’ assigned to each team. The team members needed to identify the value acquired from their respective cases and present these values in different ways. Each group performed commendably and were appreciative of one another.
The Student Council felt enlightened with the values gained and returned back to school with renewed vigour and enthusiasm to lead the  way.