15 August, 2016

Varghese Chiramel  and Ethan Sequeira-Std  IX

RetreatSTD9-11Aug-09 RetreatSTD9-11Aug-10

A Retreat for the Catholic students of Std IX was held at the Don Bosco Youth Centre on August 11.  The recollection was animated by Fr. McEnroe Lopez, the Salesian Vocation Promoter, at the Youth Centre.  Fr. McEnroe explained the purpose of a retreat by drawing an analogy between Traffic Lights and the current status of our journey with God: “The Red signal is stepping out of our daily schedules to think about where we stand . The Amber signal is getting ready, realising where we are and where we need to go. The Green signal is taking off, hitting the road again, in the right direction.

He narrated the following story, “In Burma, there was a huge mud statue of Lord Buddha. One day it rained quite heavily and the guard on his rounds noticed a crack in the statue and something shining beneath it. The authorities were called and to their surprise they discovered that the statue was actually made of gold!” Fr. McEnroe then went on to state that concealed within each of the students is a treasure . They should strive to find the gold within them. It could be their talents, attitudes or values. He also said that just going to church is not enough but students  should participate in it.  Fr. McEnroe spoke about the attributes of God. He said, “God is the one who comes in search of us. He is forgiving, helpful, merciful and comes in search of those who need Him.

He explained the purpose of the Seven Sacraments. The students viewed videos on Jesus’ many miracles. The Holy Eucharist is Jesus’ soul, blood, body and divinity. There were many presentations explaining careers and vocations of various people. There are two types of God’s calling: Gradual and Dramatic. The retreat concluded with the Mass at the shrine.